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The esteemed enclave known as The House of Abhinandan Lodha (HoABLL) is revolutionizing the very essence of land ownership. We are imbuing it with a fluidity that eradicates any potential for inconvenience or vexation. This transformative endeavor addresses the myriad ambiguities inherent in land ownership, including bureaucratic entanglements, logistical challenges, and inherent risks. The opportune moment is upon you. Herein lies the opportunity to acquire, safeguard, and divest land with unparalleled seamlessness, bolstered by an aura of assurance and reliance. Whether you are a novice acquirer or a seasoned investor, our comprehensive approach caters to your needs. We pledge a meticulously safeguarded journey for our patrons, vigilantly overseeing every facet of the ownership process to instill tranquility and confidence.

Abhinandan Lodha New Land Is for Everyone

The esteemed establishment of Abhinandan Lodha Developer is leveraging cutting-edge technology to render its operations profoundly transparent, effortlessly navigable, and indispensably requisite. We are orchestrating the harmonious fusion of innovation and accessibility in the realm of real estate, a feat unparalleled in the annals of history. Yet, our paramount commitment extends beyond mere temporal horizons; we pledge an enduring allegiance, steadfastly accompanying you through the ever-unfurling tapestry of time.


Trust is created by concluded transparency, and we want to be transparent about our commitments to protect and accomplish your Land.


New Generation Land is now safe and secure. Owning land will never feel like a chance again.


Digitally aided buying and selling of New Generation Land provides liquidity when life strains it.


The House Of Abhinandan Lodha Group New Generation Land is a hedge against uncertainties. The power to create intergenerational wealth.


Behold the grand debut of One Goa, the maiden opulent endeavor in land project innovation brought forth by The House of Abhinandan Lodha. Delve into the exquisite array of Non-Agricultural Villa Bungalow Plots, poised for acquisition at Abhinandan Lodha Goa, nestled in the environs proximate to Panaji/Panjim. Embrace the sovereign immersion amidst the expansive tranquility, promising a majestic odyssey of splendorous vistas.

For This Is The Land Where You Can Experience It All


₹ 4,784/- SQ.FT. (All Incl.)

Call (+91)-88517-43615, (+91)-99990-53125, (+91)-70450-80788, (+91)-97116-65460 for Apppointment, Virtual Tour, Project Layout, Site Video, Master Plan, Cost Sheet, Final Quote, Payment Plan, & Other Details Of One Goa GREATEST OPPORTUNITY ARRIVES House Of Abhinandan Lodha.


Location & It's Advantages

“Embracing the essence of serendipity, behold the majestic advent of the G.O.A. – the Greatest Opportunity Arrives, heralding the nexus of Goan domains to the very doorstep of your existence. The strategic accessibility orchestrated by Lodha Goa seamlessly interlaces distant locales, affording you unparalleled convenience and connectivity to the veritable heartbeats of the city’s revered spots. Nestled within its confines lies a sanctuary of heritage, an oasis of tranquility, pristine and untouched by the gaze of many a beholder.”

15 Mins. from

Deltin Royale Casino

24 Mins. from

Dona Paula

19 Mins. from

Bambolim Beach

15 Mins. from

Panjim Convention Centre

23 Mins. from

Miramar Beach

35 Mins. from

Candolim Beach

41 Mins. from

Baga Beach

54 Mins. from

Colva Beach


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