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In the realm of Real Estate, ventures burgeon from the crucible of audacity and conviction, daring to defy entrenched paradigms while seamlessly interweaving excellence and erudition. It was this sagacious foresight that sowed the seeds of RLF Infratech Private Limited, birthing a legacy predicated on innovation and prowess. RLF, an eminent entity, orchestrates the construction of both residential and commercial edifices, embellishing the urban fabric of Gurgaon, Bhiwadi, and the expansive NCR expanse.

Since its inception, our consortium has traversed a formidable trajectory, metamorphosing the cityscape of Bhiwadi and achieving pinnacles of distinction, exemplified by our latest residential endeavor. As a nascent and vibrant entity, we espouse the creed that visionary cogitation constitutes the bedrock of success in the volatile crucible of real estate. Our ethos pivots on the philosophy of adaptability, enabling us to craft what we herald as ‘Intelligent Living Spaces.’

We pledge unwavering commitment to furnishing holistic, value-centric assets tailored to satiate contemporary property exigencies. Our aspiration converges on the delivery of impeccable domiciles, undergirded by the credo that ‘Maintenance is a Constant Reaction,’ epitomizing the ethos of our stalwart support cadre, while ensuring a seamless bestowal of possession, thereby epitomizing our quintessential commitment.




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The Park - Residential Project

The ethos of liberation permeates through every facet of existence at ‘The Park’ by RLF Infratech Private Limited, a paragon of opulence nestled in the heart of burgeoning Bhiwadi. Liberated from the confines of conventional living, this enclave transcends the pedestrian and ushers its denizens into a realm where space is not merely a dimension but a cherished indulgence.

Crafted with ingenuity and finesse, ‘The Park’ redefines the paradigm of residential paradises, imbuing each dwelling with an aura of innovation and aesthetic splendor. Situated strategically along the arterial NH-8, Bhiwadi emerges as a crucible of modernity, beckoning those with discerning tastes to embrace its burgeoning allure.

Here, connectivity is seamless, infrastructure is robust, and prospects abound, catalyzing a renaissance in real estate. The symbiotic relationship between industrial dynamism and residential serenity amplifies Bhiwadi’s allure, promising a lifestyle that transcends the mundane.

Within ‘The Park’, luxury assumes its zenith, manifesting not only in the exquisite architecture and state-of-the-art amenities but also in the seamless integration of form and function. Each floor is a testament to elegance, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with pragmatic design principles.

Moreover, life at ‘The Park’ extends beyond the confines of individual abodes, fostering a cosmopolitan milieu where communal spaces become arenas for social communion and personal rejuvenation. From verdant parks to pulsating recreational facilities, every corner resonates with the symphony of modern living.

Yet, amidst the grandeur, ‘The Park’ remains anchored in the ethos of nurturing relationships. A dedicated team of professionals stands ready to guide residents through every stage of their journey, ensuring not just a residence, but a sanctuary for generations to come. In essence, ‘The Park’ transcends the realm of mere real estate, emerging as an emblem of refined living, where every moment is a celebration of freedom and elegance.


2 Acres








Project Floor Plan


Plot Size (in Sq.Yds.)

Built-up Area (in Sq. Ft.)




125 Sq. Yds.

955 Sq. Ft.

Rs 3500/-



170 Sq. Yds.

1235 Sq. Ft.

Rs 3500/-


2 BHK (125 SQ.YRD.)

Semi Furnished


Super Area 125 Sq. Yrd.

Unit Plan (2 Bed+2Toilet+2Balcony+Living/Dinning Room)

Built Up Area 955 Sq. Ft

Carpet Area 740 Sq.Ft. (Including Balcony Area)

3 BHK (170 SQ.YARD.)

Semi Furnished


Super Area:170 Sq. Ft

Unit Plan: (3Bed+2Toilet+2Balcony+Living/Dinning Room)

Built Up Area: 1235 Sq. Ft

Carpet Area: 966 Sq. Ft(Including Balcony Area)


Project Amenities

Welcome to “The Park,” a premier residential project nestled in the heart of Bhiwadi, offering a blend of comfort, luxury, and convenience. Immerse yourself in a lifestyle where every amenity is designed to enrich your living experience. From a vibrant kids play area to a serene jogging track, a commercial plaza to a state-of-the-art gym, we cater to every aspect of your leisure and wellness. With a school within reach and a party lounge for social gatherings, “The Park” ensures a holistic living environment. Experience tranquility with 24-hour water supply, 100% power backup, and a robust 3-tier security system. Discover your dream property in Bhiwadi today!


Project Location

Welcome to “The Park,” an exclusive residential enclave nestled at Sector 54, Bhiwadi. Strategically located along the Bhiwadi-Alwar Road and adjacent to the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, this prime address offers unparalleled connectivity. Just a 10-minute drive from the renowned Honda plant, residents enjoy seamless access to employment hubs. Moreover, “The Park” is set to flourish amidst the proposed 100-acre Electronic City, promising a dynamic urban lifestyle. Discover your dream property in Bhiwadi with our meticulously designed flats and apartments, where modern living meets convenience seamlessly. Experience the epitome of luxury and comfort in your new home at “The Park.”

Nestling at Sector-54, Bhiwadi

Lies at Bhiwadi-Alwar Road

Brink of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC)

10 minutes drive from Honda Plant

Adjoining 100 acres of proposed Electronic City.